Today it’s important for producers of spare parts to conduct product seminars for employees of distribution companies, dealers, shops, service stations and fleets vehicles.

We decided to offer our service in conducting product seminars. Why we? Firstly, we have 10-year experience at wholesale companies of spare parts. We know nuances regarding launch of brands on Ukrainian market. Secondly, from the beginning of 2011 we have experience in creating and conducting seminars. We have been trained as trainers in JCI (http://www.jci.cc) and got certificate. Today we spent more than 200 training hours.

So, if you need to conduct seminar about your brand, we can help you.
Please see following steps in preparation of seminar:

1. Producer sends us request for conducting of product seminar.
2. We agree content of product seminar (information about producer, offered product groups and brands, advantages of products, coding of products, use catalogues and so on).
3. Producer provides us information for creating a seminar (information from web-site, brochures, developed materials for seminrs).
4. We prepare a presentation, which will be used during a product seminar, and send it to producer for review.
5. After agreement of materials for product seminar producer informs us contacts of distributor company, which is able to organize product seminar on company territory for their customers.
6. We agree with distributor date and other conditions as for organizing a seminar.
7. After conducting a product seminar we send to producer video from product seminar.

If you are interested in our service about creating and conducting product seminars, please contact us: Andrei Stygar, stygar@autoukraine.info, +38(097)199-11-59.