We can provide You information about Ukrainian distributors prices for certain group of goods. The sample of price report You can find below. Additionally You can download the MS Excel file with detail price analysis. If You have request please contact us: Andrei Stygar, stygar@autoukraine.info, +38(097)199-11-59.

Sample of report «The comparison of prices»

For comparison of the competitors’ prices we took prices of Ukrainian distributors, which they offer for regional dealers of a certain category.

We have collected the prices of major brands that are represented in the Ukrainian market and can compete with products of Your company.

For comparison purposes it was necessary to determine the base level of prices in relation to which we could compare other brands. The Competitor2 prices (Distributor4) were determined as base price level. Then the competitive prices of each brand were compared in comparison with the prices of Competitor2, which made it possible to determine the overall situation in the market for each brand.

The prices were collected on date XX.XX.2012.

Below you can see a summary table with average percentage deviation of prices for each brand with comparison to Competitor2 prices  (Distributor4).

comparison of the price for spare parts in Ukraine

As you can see in the table, the main competitors of  Competitor2 goods are following brands: Competitor9 (Distributor2), Competitor8 (Distributor1), Competitor10 (Distributor3).

The Competitor8, Competitor10 and Competitor9 brands are valued by customers of the market as brands with low quality. But any way the customers make their preferences in direction of these brands, because the main criterion for selection in the 73,8% of the cases is the price.

You can see, the prices of Competitor10 in average on 12,39% cheaper than prices of Competitor2, offered by «Distributor4″.  And Competitor10 goods from Distributor3 are cheaper than Competitor3 goods (Distributor3) in average on 8,21% («-12,39%» and «-4,18%», respectively with comparison to Competitor2).

By non-cash payments the Competitor8 goods (Distributor1) is cheaper only in average on 2,57% than Competitor2 goods (Distributor4). If we compare the Competitor8 prices (Distributor1) with Competitor3 prices (Distributor3), then we can see the Competitor3 prices are cheaper on 1,61% («4,18%» и «2,57%», respectively with comparison to Competitor2).

As for the Competitor4 goods, they also can compete with Competitor2 and Competitor3, because many market participants are convinced that the Competitor4 goods are produced in Germany, but in fact these products are produced in Chinese factories. So Competitor4 goods (Distributor4) are more expensive:

  • than Competitor2 (Distributor4) on 10,31%,
  • than Competitor3 (Distributor3) on 15,8%.

Other brands (Competitor6, Competitor5, Competitor0, Competitor1) are significantly more expensive brands, therefore they don’t compete with Competitor2 and Competitor3.

If You want to get more details, please send us request by e-mail: stygar@autoukraine.info