We can provide You information about structure of Ukrainian and Russian fleet vehicles (trucks, passenger cars and buses). The sample of report You can find below. If You have request please contact us: Andrei Stygar, stygar@autoukraine.info, +38(097)199-11-59.

Sample of report «The structure of Ukrainian fleet trucks»

Structure by truck brand (quantity)

chart of structure by car brand
Structure  by  truck  brand and region

fleet trucks cars buses region of Ukraine
Range of trucks age

information about age of trucks cars buses in Ukraine
Structure by carrying capacity

structure by carrying capacity ukraine trucks cars buses
Structure by type of truck

share by type of trucks in Ukraine

NOTICE! We have shown a possible sample of report. Final content of report will be offered in each case separately.

If You want to get more details, please send us request by e-mail: stygar@autoukraine.info